The best HTML5 free play game sites

six of the best gaming sites KThere are many activities people decide to engage in their leisure time. Among these activities, gaming is one of the most common. Finding the ideal gaming site may be challenging with the appropriate game to suit you may be challenging. The article highlights six of the best gaming sites in the market that will suit you

Games Games

Games Games is the leading site for mobile games that presents its content in a very simple but effective manner for the compact displays on the mobile phone. The site has registration to sign up where one can record their scores and links the gamer to others who play the game allowing competition for high scores and also enables one to view what others in the game have been up to and monitor their progress from time to time. The layout and designs of the site are classics as well as the content. There are many original games that are uniquely found in this site. There is a search option to look for a game using its title, the results show more detailed information and will also guide on how to play the game. However, most of the games are just naturally easy to play thus there may be no need to go through the instructions. The games in this site are supported by most mobile Operating systems including Android, Pad, and iPhone.

Snappy Games. Com

This site has many games for playing for a wide variety of tablets and phones. Snappy Games also supports the different sizes of display on a mobile phone as well as on a tablet such as Pad Air that is more advanced with high definition graphics. There is an option of linking the games to a personal website as the games are the latest and can scale in to fit the size area of the gamers desire. The site is very diverse and can be accessed in all the leading operating systems including iPhone, Android, Pad, Kindle Fire phone and tablets.


A10 Play has a wide range of games to choose from Some of the games are free while others are premium that has a small charge for playing. Most of the games can be played straight away in the phone browser while those that require payments have an accessible link to the phones application store for download. The site has a simple menu that can filter the games between the free and the premium games. The layout is simple and very appealing with clear guidelines to indicate where the free games can be accessed and how much the premium games will cost to play. The site supports iPhone, Pads, and Android phones.

IO Play

This site is ever growing with new games and integrated features such as game achievements and Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter. The games are listed on a simple format with a click to play button that redirects the user to the game information where they can access the high scores, achievements and reviews. Magic Mini Games has a mobile portal for chatting on a private platform on its free chat app. The site supports iPhone, Pad and Android phones.


This site has a nice layout that has the games well-spaced out to prevent cramping that is very accommodating especially for gamers using a mobile phone with a small screen. The games in this site are of good quality and most of them are unique to the site. The features are simple without high scores and social media integration. The site supports use with iPhone, Pad, and Android phones. Friendster The site has a big and attractive game banner to select from The site is easily accessible as one can play the games without necessary login in but it can't record or save the scores. The site supports iPhone, Pad and Android phones.