The advantages of reflex based flash games

Video games help surgeons GReflex-based games are viewed to have the same effects as riding a bike, reading a book or watching a television. Therefore, thousands of new brain connections are formed. Also, the additional reward system is motivating to players hence improving their skills. Virtual games are designed to have physical and educational benefits for players. Games using repetitive actions like targeting a moving object or swinging of a bat can improve the brain and the muscles in real life activities. Below are the benefits of the reflex-based games:

A driving game improves and focuses memory in older adults

In a video game, swerving between cars and simultaneously picking up road signs can improve the long-term focus and short-term memory of older adults. This enables older adults to retain more information in a short period of time, become better at multitasking and develop stronger attention skills.

People playing action-based games make decisions 25% faster

Games with fast-based videos typically require faster thinking to avoid being killed. People playing this game are aware of what is going to happen next and are able to make faster decisions. This enables action game players to make correct decisions within a short period of time.

Video games improve vision

Video games help in improving vision by increasing the sensitivity of players to different shades of color. In addition, people playing action based video games are good at perceiving fine contrast differences. This enables their brain to change pathways responsible for processing visual.

Video games help surgeons to improve their laparoscopic skills

Playing video games improves laparoscopic surgery skills, a procedure that uses a thin tube containing a camera is inserted into the patient's abdomen to observe organs on a screen, instead of cutting the patient's abdomen wide open. In addition, doctors playing balloon warfare game referred to as High Altitude Battle enables them to do better in tasks designed to test movement precision and eye coordination.

Video games improve physical activity

A video game called exergames makes people who are less inclined to work to start moving. Moreover, people playing Dance Revolution - a game which requires players to move their feet simultaneously to the signals on a screen. Such people are at lower risk of suffering from diabetes.

Enables children suffering from dyslexia to develop a better reading ability

Playing action video games helps children with dyslexia to improve their reading speed and develop better accuracy. This, therefore, led to an improvement in attention span and better reading skills.

Help burn victims to manage pain

While undergoing treatment, patients with severe burns are allowed to play games such as Nintendo. This enables patients to feel less pain while playing the game. This is because games distract burn victims from the pain.

Teach about biological processes

Video games can help in solving scientific and educational challenges. Through this people are taught about the biological process. These games teach players about microorganism biophysical behavior and diffusion.

Pre-schoolers to develop better skills

Video games enable pre-schoolers and kids to develop skills like catching, throwing, kicking and bouncing a ball. In addition, electronic games help in improving hand-eye coordination.


Gameplay has been shown to have a cognitive improved because they help improve attention and reaction time In addition, games develop emotional and motivational benefit since they induce positive mood states.