How strategy games sharpen your mind

Playing flash based or HTML5 games requires mental power. The human brain is the core of learning, daily experiences, and the cognitive skills. Cognitive skills help you to process all the information that you perceive simultaneously. Cognitive skills such as logical thinking, attention, and memory can be developed over time through the practice effect.

Games have complex rules LGames have complex rules and puzzles which you have to solve in order to move to the next level. Several studies show that playing games sharpen your mind over time They exercise your brain by providing puzzles which you have to solve. You also need to achieve a challenging score to move to the next level. This makes the games more interesting and they keep your brain busy. Once you start playing a new game, you will face many challenges such as navigating, escaping hostile characters, fighting stronger opponents and other complex rules. Game-based cognitive development is achieved through practice. In the first few days, you will be losing the game and restarting it several times. This frustrates and annoys many players and some of them even quit. However, through regular practice, you will start to get better at the game and become a pro within several weeks or even months. There are many well-designed strategy games online. The games have positive effects on our mind. However, their impact on the players varies from one person to another. The games have more positive effects on children since their brains are still developing.

In addition, some studies show that strategy games improve cognitive abilities of people with dementia. Having said that, don't force yourself to play a game that is not enjoyable or when you feel fatigue. Furthermore, students who spent most of the time gaming tend to perform poorly in class. Long gaming hours also reduce the amount of time spent on physical exercise and this can lead to obesity. It is advisable to expose children to these types of games that can improve their mathematics, grammar, and vocabulary. Players can get immediate feedback about their success at each game level. The game offers the players with an opportunity to replay the game and practice until they master all the basics. This trains each individual player and enables them to acquire some skills and knowledge which they can use in the real world. As you play a game, you will notice that you repeat many actions such as moving left, right, up and down. Repetition strengthens the connections between brain cells (synapses). Well connected brain cells are more effective since they work together simultaneously. This improves your memory storage and learning ability. Your brain forgets some information over time Therefore, there is a need to revisit your game or play it from time to time so that you don't forget some aspects. Games change the way you think and you can make decisions in a different manner depending on what you learned from the game. There are many games which can teach you how to memorize features. This technique can help you to recall faces of strangers, remember new routes, solve problems and acquire other vital skills.

Playing strategy games that have a social component require multiple skills. They help you to develop real-life skills such as design, language, conservation, strategy, planning, mathematics, negotiation, and so on These games keep you smarter, happier and you get more integrated into the society and the world around you