Great flash games you can still play from Nick1972uk

the players AWith new flashy games being developed everyday with flashy interfaces and complex levels we have forgotten about the simpler but just as entertaining games that used to be our favorite not too long ago. You may even have assumed that some of these games are since been phased out But did you know you that some of these games are still popular and available online free of charge? For example there are great flash games you can still play from Nick1972uk aka Nick Harper, and the experience may just surprise you...

Some of these games included quirky titles such as: Bug Buster, Click Sum and Drop Sum Colours. Housewife vs Zombies – and had a particularly interesting range of skill sets for each. For example; Housewife VS Zombie has up 50 levels that you can unlock successively with multiple rewards along the way. It involves slashing through zombie parts that come flying at you. The game awards points based on the accuracy of your cuts and also awards for multiple cuts. The author openly admits they were simplified graphics, but made up for that by designing multilevel variants that challenged players from start to finish. Then there is: Cooking Ninja -which is a thrilling game set in a kitchen and involves choosing pieces of food to chop. Sounds boring but the speed and number of pieces you cut ultimately earns you more points and propels you to the next level. Try doing that in games these days- forget it, they just don’t challenge the gamers anymore! Take ‘Bug Buster’ for a spin, which only gives you a minute to eliminate as many bugs as possible in a Candy Crush-like format and gives extra mileage and time on the clock for matching three bugs diagonally. It is disappointing that fewer people have interest in playing these flash games while they actually are quite mind challenging and could sometimes take you several attempts to get to the next level.

The basic principle behind most of the games is overcoming a particular danger that will eventually lead to your ‘death' if the situation is not contained. Though this concept is still used today, the meaning and expression has changed dramatically and people are usually looking for more seriously expressed challenges that present seemingly more danger. Despite the fact that the games are available online including a discussion forum the response to them is quite lukewarm compared to a few years ago? The forums have only a handful of registered players despite elaborate details on the various games, and instruction on how to play and the inspiration behind their creation is still present. A fact that could be contributing to the ‘outdating' aspect of some of these games developed by Nick1972uk could be lack of innovation to keep up with the constantly changing gaming environment. Involvement of other persons and ideas could greatly counter this and produce more appealing products. Then again some game developers aren’t always happy with their early work which helped establish their career. For one such talented game designer who has gone onto develop the wildly popular “Angry Birds Transformers”, “Angry Birds Go” and the official: “Dancing with the Stars” game apps.

Nick Harper, aka(Nick1972uk)- is the CEO at Exient and shares this opinion and “advises against the fear of losing your identity by involving other minds in your projects- If you are concerned about losing creative input by going for work-for-hire, don't be- especially in the free-to-play space. Often we will receive a request-for-proposal, but these really range from very specific to very open”. Most of the games found on the Nick1972uk platform channel; though interestingly enough appear to lack current sound effects and designs that will capture anyone playing the game for the first time, carry all the classic earmarks of a great original game in the making. The Nick1972uk platform is definitely not dead but requires exceptional creative input to make these types of games more appealing. If you are curious about what Nick is up to lately here is a great interview with him recently: